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The official website of Langao Power Company has been officially launched

Zhejiang Langgao Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of various power equipment, including composite insulators, composite zinc oxide surge arresters, drop out fuses, composite insulator core rods, composite through-wall bushings, isolating switches, vacuum circuit breakers, and electric power fittings. The company's composite insulators are available in voltage levels ranging from 6KV to 400KV, with a variety of different specifications and models such as suspension type series, cross-arm type series, line post type series, pin type series, substation post type series, electrified railway series, and composite dry through-wall bushing series. In addition, the company also produces various types of surge arresters and export dropout fuses at different voltage levels.

All products have passed the testing and inspection of the National Insulator Lightning Arrester Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and meet international standards, ensuring that they perform at leading levels both domestically and abroad. Zhejiang Langgao Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprise tenet of "leading technology, quality first, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction", committed to the development of high-tech products for the electric power industry and striving to contribute to its development. The company implements a "combination of brand marketing and network marketing" development strategy and has sold its products in high-voltage electrical markets in Vietnam, Kenya, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and other countries and regions.

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