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Zhejiang Langgao Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Yueqing Bay, Yueqing Dongyan Industrial Zone. The country's first cross-sea bridge with three links of water, electricity and transportation - the west end of Damen Bridge. Focus on the power high voltage industry for many years, to provide users with a complete set of power electrical solutions. The main products are composite insulators, lightning arresters, drop fuses, wall bushing, insulation sheaths, vacuum switches and so on. Longgao people uphold the spirit of tenacious struggle, pragmatic and innovative, is willing to bring customers the most perfect power and electrical solutions.

On the beautiful coast of the East China Sea, this beautiful and rich land. A giant dragon was rising in the blue waves, winding and spiraling with extraordinary momentum. This is the country's first cross-sea bridge, the Gate Bridge. It is not only the distance between the mainland and an island that he connects. It is also a new hope for the people on both sides of the bridge to develop and achieve economic growth.

Standing on the bridge about to open to traffic, the gusts of sea breeze blowing in front of people are refreshing and exciting. The wheels were far and near, the whistle sounded, and the waves under the bridge splitted rapidly on both sides. So the huge thing passed under my feet. Looking far away, the cloudy blue is a beautiful island. They are like pearls scattered in Yueqing Bay, shining brightly. At the beginning of the bridge, Dongyan Industrial Zone, Wengyuan Town, Yueqing City. It is also a thriving scene.

From the bridge, we can see a spacious, straight, two-way, eight-lane provincial highway. On both sides of the highway, new-style factories are springing up. During the day, the workers worked hard in the factory. In this place, I can only hear the machine whistling and busy. This row of factory buildings is located in Langao Power Technology Co., Ltd. As a Langao person, I feel extremely proud. Langao should also have excellent foresight as the height of the bridge and a solid foundation as the pier of the bridge. We should learn this spirit from the Bridge, the spirit of magnanimity and nobility!


ADD:Dongyan Industrial Zone, Wengyuan Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province

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