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What are the advantages of composite insulator?

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Generally refers to is mainly composed of silicone rubber insulators umbrella plate (umbrella skirt or sheath), the mandrel and the compound insulator metal end of three parts, including umbrella plate made by hot vulcanized silicone rubber, mandrel using epoxy resin made by the special craft. Compared to the traditional ceramic or glass series, has many advantages, mainly displays in:

1. Light weight, high strength. Due to its main composition material is the bulk density of ceramic and glass that are lower than silicone rubber and epoxy resin, and only have on both ends of the metal connection accessories, the overall weight and ceramic and glass insulator string of only 1/10-1/7, and its tensile strength is 3-4 times higher.

2. Electrical insulating and antifouling flash excellent performance. Because umbrella skirt, sheathed with low surface energy, good hydrophobic properties and resistance to uv and ozone resistance and other excellent weather resistance, and choose to have a secondary and self-extinguishing high silicon rubber insulation materials, greatly improves the polluted, be affected with damp be affected with damp conditions on the surface of the high voltage insulation equipment, improve the insulation strength and resistance to carrying capacity, effectively improve the safety of electricity, basically without manual cleaning, reduce the maintenance cost.

3. The whole structure increases the creepage distance ratio. Due to the silicon rubber adhesive high voltage composite insulator on the structure as a whole, and only two electrodes, so the creepage distance than than ceramic and glass insulator string, to some extent also increase its electrical insulating properties.

4. To small urban overhead power lines. Due to its light quality, can reduce tower load of line spacing was reduced, the line corridor width decreases, and show the light quality, high efficiency, low cost advantages, is advantageous to the urban overhead line miniaturization, offers a new technical conditions for high voltage transmission lines.

Because of silicone rubber high voltage composite insulator have many traditional insulator incomparable superior performance, has been more and more application at home and abroad. Research and development of silicone rubber composite insulator high-pressure late in our country, but also is in rapid development. According to information, in 2001 China's running on the road in the high tension line of silicone rubber high voltage composite insulator has amounted to 1.9 million, and is growing at more than 25% a year, greatly promote into the development of power industry, improve the safety of the electricity, has social and economic benefits. According to this calculation, in 2010 China will need 15 million cigarettes/years of silicone rubber composite insulators in operation.


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